Hogtown Hot Club

September 16, 2021  /  7:00pm

In partnership with ACANSA Arts Festival of the South: Four musicians who’ve been around for a while, playing lots of different styles. Brought together here by their love of swing. Inspired by how Django did it, but not obsessed with doing it the same way.


Pat Kirtley

October 21, 2021 /  7:30pm

“Kirtley is one of those all-too-rare musicians able to transcend his influences to create a distinctive, natural sound all his own.“  - David McCarty, “Walnut Valley Record Reviews”


Paul Asbell

November 18, 2021 /  7:30pm

“A genre-blurring, virtuosic waltz through the deep heritage of American folklore, where styles of Robert Johnson, Doc Watson and Dr. John rub elbows with those of Joe Pass and Bill Thrasher" - The Flynn Theatre


Bill Mize

January 20, 2022 /  7:30pm

Grammy-winning guitarist Bill Mize is a son of Tennessee, and a fitting representative of his state’s rich musical heritage. His critically lauded fingerstyle compositions are fluid and intricate, and their delivery masterful.


Don Ross

February 17,2022 /  7:30pm

Don has toured regularly since 1989, across Canada, the USA, a dozen European countries, Japan, Taiwan, China, Australia, Russia and India. He has played with symphony orchestras in Canada and Germany, and collaborated live and on recording with U.S. guitarist Andy McKee, Canadian singer/guitarist Brooke Miller, Canadian guitarist Calum Graham, & Toronto bassist Jordan O’Connor. He also composes scores for television, radio and film, and does production and recording engineering for a variety of other musicians.


Pierre Bensusan

March 17, 2022 /  7:30pm

"Not witty, not avant-garde, not new, necessarily, but beautiful. A great craftsman plying his trade. A shepherd with his flock. As I left I felt all of a sudden that I’d been to temple after all. My own sort of temple, and by the end of the service I felt purified, cleansed, and ready for the new year." - Nyack News and Views


Sam Pacetti

April 21, 2022 /  7:30pm

"Although the woods are full of young guitar virtuosos, few have developed the style, technique and artistic wisdom of Sam Pacetti. Solitary travel heralds the arrival of one of the most talented instrumentalists and composers to appear in acoustic music in a month of Sunday’s." - Dirty Linen


Peppino D'Agostino

May 19, 2022 /  7:30pm

D’Agostino has performed in more than 34 countries, at prestigious international festivals and has played in some of the world’s most important theaters. He has shared the stage with Tommy Emmanuel, Leo Kottke, Laurindo Almeida, Sergio Assad, Larry Carlton, and Eric Johnson, to name a few. His solo recordings include high quality labels such as Favored Nations, Mesa / Bluemoon, and Acoustic Music Records.


Al Petteway

June 16, 2022 /  7:30pm

Al Petteway has played music professionally since he was twelve years old, performing nearly every type of popular, folk and classical music. His compositions for acoustic fingerstyle guitar are strongly influenced by his love of Celtic music and his own roots in folk, rock and blues.


Karlijn Langendijk  and Dustin Furlow

July 21 , 2022 /  7:30pm

Dustin Furlow is an award-winning singer/songwriter/guitarist whose playing and songwriting reflect a clear influence of today's contemporary-folk artists.Karlijn's music is not just happy or sad – she composes all the intricate shades of emotions that people feel really intensely but cannot communicate in words.


Shane Hennessy

August 18,2022 /  7:30pm

“One of the most exciting live performers of his generation, with an ability to move between styles and genres with ease.” - Irish Music Magazine


The Fula Brothers

September 15, 2022 /  7:30pm

Fula Brothers are a burst of unbridled, creative musicianship and happy-making. A high-spirited meeting of veteran performers from West Africa and America, each with a history of innovation and collaboration.


Mike Dowling

October 20,2022 /  7:30pm

Mike digs deep into the musical bag of American roots guitar, favoring the melodic Piedmont style of acoustic blues masters like Mississippi John Hurt and slide great Tampa Red. But Mike can't be pigeonholed as a blues player, or even as a fingerstylist. He's far too versatile for that.


Teja Gerken and Doug Young

November 17,2022 /  7:30pm

San Francisco Bay Area fingerstyle guitarists Teja Gerken and Doug Young have performed together for more than a decade. Drawing from their individual catalogs of original compositions, Celtic tunes, arrangements of jazz standards, and the occasional classical piece, Teja and Doug present a varied repertoire.