Hiroya Tsukamoto

January 17, 2019  /  7:30pm

…chops, passion and warmth. Zealously recommended.” - JazzReview.com


The Tim May & Steve Smith Duo

February 21, 2019  /  7:30pm

"It's well known that mandolin and guitar duets played a lively role in homegrown entertainment and later shaped the sound of bluegrass and early country music (as witness the Monroe Brothers, the Blue Sky Boys, and others). In recent years, David Grisman has celebrated this wonderful sound in albums with Tony Rice, Martin Taylor, and others. Now, Tim May (guitar and vocals) and Steve Smith (mandolin, octave mandolin, and vocals) are also honoring this tradition—and even advancing it." - Bluegrass Unlimited


Tim Lerch

March 21, 2019  /  7:30pm

"The gypsy jazz of Django Reinhardt done to perfection!” - Paul de Barros, The Seattle Times


Mark Goldenberg

April 18, 2019  /  7:30pm

Goldenberg has played on records for Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Peter Frampton, Eels, Natalie Imbruglia, Chris Isaak, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and William Shatner.


Tony McManus

May 16, 2019  /  7:30pm

"Connoisseurs of Celtic music and aficionados of acoustic folk guitar will be mesmerized..." - The Australian


Travis Bowman & Kevin Blake Goodwin

June 20, 2019  /  7:30pm

Fretmonkey Records champion fingerstyle guitarists!


Vin Downes

July 18, 2019  /  7:30pm

"Sometimes in life there is a moment in time that you wish would never end, something so beautiful and calming comes in and changes everything, that moment is here for me right now in the guise of Vin Downes" - Steve Sheppard - One World Music


Vicki Genfan

August 15, 2019  /  7:30pm

I have to open my eyes to make sure that only one guitar is playing and that Vicki Genfan – so the name of this fascinating woman – only owns two hands.” – Spurren Magazine, Switzerland


Bill Frisell

September 19, 2019  /  7:30pmPart of the 2019 ACANSA Arts Festival

"Unforgettable..." - Jazz Times


Walter Strauss

October 17, 2019  /  7:30pm

A many-layered, multi-textured, one-man folk festival.” – Maverick Magazine


Clive Carroll

November 21, 2019  /  7:30pm

"British acoustic maestro Clive Carroll has always pushed the boundaries of the instrument...a true virtuoso." - Total Guitar Magazine