Peter Janson

June 15, 20237:30pm 301 Main StreetNorth Little Rock, AR 72114

Born in Cambridge Massachusetts, USA, Peter Janson began playing guitar at age 7 and started composing as a young teen. As an experienced independent performer Peter has played across the US and Canada. He directs jazz ensembles and teaches a variety of courses, including private guitar instruction, at the University of Massachusetts Boston.


Matt Thomas

July 20, 20237:30pm 301 Main StreetNorth Little Rock, AR 72114

With over a decade of touring and competitions across the world, Matt Thomas has crafted one of the biggest guitar sounds in the industry today! With mind blowing techniques and deep songwriting, Thomas takes the audience on a wild ride of melodic and theatrical highlights that transports listeners to an imaginary world.


Michael Chapdelaine

August 17, 20237:30pm 301 Main StreetNorth Little Rock, AR 72114

From New York’s Lincoln Center to the Cactus Cafe in Austin, from Milano to Bangkok, Chapdelaine continues to enchant and dazzle audiences and critics alike, as he redefines the modern acoustic guitar with his amazing technique, “soulful” expressiveness, and versatility as a performer, composer and arranger/producer.


Finger Food

Presented in Partnership with The ACANSA Arts Festival of the South September 21, 20237:30pm301 Main StreetNorth Little Rock, AR 72114

Finger Food is a feast not only for guitar lovers, but also for anyone with a passion for acoustic music. The guitarists perform “in the round” and trade songs and stories about their compositions and their approach to the guitar in a casual concert setting. The music focuses on contemporary instrumental American Fingerstyle Guitar with folk, jazz, Celtic, classical and blues influences.


Pat Kirtley

October 19, 20237:30pm 301 Main StreetNorth Little Rock, AR 72114

Currently Kirtley tours in the USA and internationally, for concerts, guitar workshops and music camps, producing videos and keeping several recording projects running. He co-authored a book about home recording and writes articles for guitar magazines about guitar technique, recording and other related topics, in magazines such as Electronic Musician, Acoustic Guitar, Onstage, Home Recording, and Wood & Steel, as well as in the German magazine Akustik Gitarre.


Kinloch Nelson

November 16, 20237:30pm 301 Main StreetNorth Little Rock, AR 72114

Kinloch Nelson has been playing guitar since 1956, seriously since '68 and professionally since '73. Over a decades-long career he has played folk, classical, ragtime, American primitive, new-age, R & B, surf, rock, oldies pop, country, and jazz music in bands, ensembles, and as a solo performer/composer/arranger.