Adam Miller

January 18, 2018  /  7:30pm

"A relentless propulsive groove that is downright danceable." - Acoustic Guitar Magazine


Vicki Genfan

February 15, 2018  /  7:30pm

Vicki has brewed her own style that has no name…and created a new kind of singer-songwriter culture.” - Frankfurter Allgemeine


Susana Raya

March 15, 2018  /  7:30pm Supported by:

Susana Raya is the most accomplished debut artist I have ever come across in all the years I have been doing this.” - Gary Burke


Ed Gerhard

April 19, 2018  /  7:30pm

"Gerhard is considered to have the most exquisite acoustic guitar tone on the planet.” - Acoustic Guitar Magazine


Mary Flower

May 17, 2018  /  7:30pm

There are few musicians in the genre bringing as much creative spark and low-key mojo to this century-old music…” - Acoustic Guitar Magazine


Eric Skye

June 21, 2018  /  7:30pm

A guitar master.” - The Oregonian


Richard Smith

July 19, 2018  /  7:30pm

The most amazing guy I know on the guitar. He can play anything I know, only better.” - Chet Atkins


Bill Evans

August 16, 2018  /  7:30pm

One of the best banjo pickers on the planet.” - San Jose Mercury News


Laurence Juber

September 20, 2018  /  7:30pmA collaboration with ACANSA

Lead guitarist in Beatle Paul McCartney’s Wings, with whom he won a Grammy. "Uniformly exquisite and dazzingly executed." - L.A. Times


Brooke Miller

October 18, 2018  /  7:30pm

"Miller is a worthy heir to the legacy of fellow Canadian Joni Mitchell." - NPR


Ian Ethan Case

November 15, 2018  /  7:30pm

"Be prepared to hear something like you’ve never heard before, to venture into wild and uncharted territory.” - Nashua Telegraph